A Decade Later

10 years ago, I hopped into my VW Jetta and made my way to Los Angeles with my ride or die Samantha and Lindsey (yes, I named my Garmin GPS). It was my first cross country trip and we saw everything from America to ‘Murica. From a Wendy’s in Kentucky where I was asked what my wife would be eating (apparently women in the South cannot order for themselves, never mind the assumption that we were a married couple), to visiting the Budweiser Brewery in St. Louis (doesn’t get more American than that!), to a Rockies game, hiking Moab, my first time in Vegas and experiencing open container laws, and making our way to SoCal and stopping by Orange County (we were obsessed with the OC and probably played “California” 100,000 times, and finally ended up in an “Entourage” shoot where we saw Jeremy Piven and I texted everyone I knew on my Samsung u740.

I told myself the move would be temporary. I wanted to experience living outside of New York City (going to college on Long Island doesn’t count). 10 years later, there are so many memories for me to reflect and think fondly about.

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