I found my travel journal the other night and decided to take a quick read while working on some physical therapy exercises – to be fair, it’s just one exercise where I lay on my stomach. The journal is something I carry with me whenever I travel abroad just so I can jot down thoughts and memories of what happened. It’s not something I really go back to read. Here goes. There might even be some good advice for anyone who wants to work in a 48 hour Auckland visit.

Back in November 2014, I had an Australian adventure planned with my college friends Nikki and Sean. I added Auckland in there since I figured I was going to be all the way down there, so might as well spend the beginning of the trip by myself exploring Auckland. I was also intrigued because it’s been describe as the Canada to Australia. I get it – but I don’t at the same time.

When I landed, I had no clue what time or day it was. All I know was that I took off on the 18th and landed on the 20th. I time traveled and this wasn’t due to blacking out from alcohol. To make it through a 13 hour flight (which is the longest flight I’ve taken since I was 18), Nyqil was the best thing ever. I slept for 11 hours of the flight. I missed supper and all the comp drinks because I woke up to breakfast and watched “Frozen” for the first time to kill off the last two hours.

There’s a bus that takes you to Downtown Auckland from the airport for pretty cheap. My room at the hotel wasn’t ready yet, so I dropped my bags off and ventured to a McDonald’s for breakfast. Don’t judge me, I needed something familiar. I sat and sipped my coffee listening to Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” on the radio, giving me the comforts of America. It was this very McDonald’s that I discovered a flat white. Apparently brew coffee with cream and sugar is just an American thing.

Since I only had 48 hours to take in the sights, I utilized the Auckland Explorer, their Hop on, Hop off self guided city tours. I saw much of this beautiful city. The greenery mixed with the beaches and the ocean with the Sky Tower skyline – what a view! You kind of understood why they are the “City of Sails”. Although I think it’s more due to the wind than the many yachts.


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