I’m going to put this out there, I don’t enjoy working out. In fact, I hate exercising. I do it though, frequently because you’re supposed to. Somehow, it’s become a societal norm that in order to stay healthy, you need to exercise.

However, I do subscribe to the notion that you feel the way you look and if you want to have a good work out motivation, then dressing to the nine is what needs to happen for that “fitsporation”. I enjoy dressing up to exercise because you never know what you need to do before or after the workout, so it’s important to always be on point. Now I’m not saying you should wear gym clothes to work and pass it off as athleisure. There’s actually nothing that drives me crazier than seeing people in yoga pants in the office. Just don’t do it…

A couple years ago when I was training for the LA Marathon, I think I spent more time on buying running gear than the actual training itself. I’m pretty sure I gave myself a reason after every run to go buy something. I even bought running gloves at one point (I live in Los Angeles). You know what though – I looked damn cute when I was on those long runs.

I know those Nike and Lululemon products are expensive, but it’s not until you’re running long miles that you realize how important it is to have sweat wickening gear, a strap to wrap you shirt in, pockets that fit your phone, and other often neglected compartments. I mean, who wasn’t impressed with Olivia Pope’s running outfit during the finale of Scandal Season 2?


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