AC Check

If I had to give advice to any new homeowner or anyone looking to buy a place…CHECK YOUR AC UNIT! As we begin to experience record heat, I cannot stress this enough. Last year, during a heat wave, my AC broke. Like – straight up just died. Of course, it happened this very weekend (4th of July) and getting anyone to come fix an AC was damn near impossible. What made it even worse was that everyone else’s AC broke and when I went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond, you would have thought it was a zombie apocalypse with selves ransacked.

I ended up getting my handy man to fix it because it was just a broken fuse that hasn’t been changed since the 70’s. However, the problems just continued from that point on. By November, something else broke that caused my AC to run without me turning it on and not only did it cost me a shit ton of money because of an electric bill that went through the roof, but it froze my pipes! We had to knock down my ceiling to drain all water before we could fit whatever the problem was.

After that was fixed, we patched my ceiling up because I thought – “what could possibly go wrong again?” Wrong, four months later, there was a wiring issue and we had to knocked down my ceilings and start all over again. My AC guy recommended that I just have panels for easy access to my AC unit and so I got my handyman to take care of that. Now my entry way looks sterile and clinical like the very office I work at…

So how much have I paid in AC and related costs in the past year? Probably close to $1,100. And they say home owning is an American Dream. So if you’re planning on buying a house or just bought one, congratulations and welcome to hell!

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