Basketball Dreams

I was shooting hoops yesterday and had a nerd moment. I was trying to figure out at what moment I learned how to play basketball. Like at what point did I learn how to hit a jump shot. Was it just something that happened naturally from growing up in New York City? That must be it right? All the parks out there with hoops and chains, you just naturally pick it up.

I think in the suburbs you learn how to play basketball during PE because there’s actually a PE curriculum. In the NYC Department of Education, PE is basically showing up in a gym uniform and then gabbing with your friends in the bleachers. From what I hear in real PE, you learn how to do things like CPR, swim, play basketball, and any other ball sport really. Gosh, I really missed out there.

Ironically, I thought at one point in my life I wanted to be a gym teacher. I even made it happened while I was pursuing an MBA at Hofstra. That’s a long story that no one needs to know about. I see PE teachers now and just think how amazing it would be to go to work everyday in athleisure wear – or in their case, just shorts and t-shirts. I don’t get it, if I had the excuse to not wear real people clothes to work everyday, why wouldn’t you want to look fly as fuck in Lulus?!?

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