I (don’t) want to be where the people are!

I used to be a very pleasant to work with. I was friends with my colleagues, hung out with them outside of work, and took an interest in their personal lives. I wanted to be well liked for the good work that I did and also as a nice person in general. I don’t know when or where it happened, but one day, a switch just flipped. Apparently the explanation is that my soul died. Well that and watching mediocre people get promoted or praised because of their ability to be up someone’s ass so deep will cause anyone to want to bang their head against the wall or walk into on coming traffic.

What’s worse is when you do great work and are acknowledged for it but…yes, there’s always a but – he doesn’t play well in the sandbox, he should smile more, does he even like us? I’ve always said it, high school doesn’t end in high school. That mentality carries well into adulthood and into the work place. The only different now is there’s money at stake.

So here’s the deal. “I’m not really sure John really likes us.” To that, I will say, you’re right – I don’t. But even more so, I actually don’t really think you exist and most of the time, I forget you do until I see you directly in my line of sight. But ask yourself this, have I ever missed a deadline? Do I show up to work? Do I make excuses? Do I present well? Do I meet all goals and expectations? If the answer is “yes”, just let it be unless you rather have me like you and not give you a good product and have to put you in an awkward position of giving me a talking to…which we all know you won’t because that would hurt your popularity and manufactured kumbaya environment you try so desperately to create.

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